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At some time during our life we inevitably experience the passing of a loved one. When this happens it is often difficult to know where to think of that person and if there is somewhere that we go to when we die.

It's comforting to think we do have external existence where we live as our own personality. Not only that, but to be able to let our loved one's know that we are happy in our new life, that we are still guiding and supporting them, that we are aware of events in their life and that we still love them.

There was a time that i found it very hard to believe that their was a life after death, until I went to see a medium myself. I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous. I was pleased to find out how normal everything felt as I was having my reading. The medium told me many things about my life and told me it was my Grandparents that were giving this information to me. At the time these two people were the nearest and dearest to me in spirit. Five years on I joined Kettering Spiritualist Church, where I became a trainee healer. Every Monday evening I would give healing to all those that attended the healing services. I have have become a very dedicated qualified healer and now help many people.

Although my main love is clairvoyance if I pick up health conditions around the person i am reading for, I would sometimes offer them healing to give them an example of the power of healing. I am now a very busy platform medium demonstating my mediumship all over the country. I am very lucky to be able to give accurate information to people, leaving them no doubt that their loved ones are with them, helping and guiding them.