Mediumship can be defined as follows:

The process whereby a person known as a medium, is used by one or more discarnate personalities for the purpose of: Presenting information, verifiable or otherwise, causing so called paranormal activities to occur. Channeling forth certain types of energies.

Mediumship involves a cooperating effort between a person on the
earth plane (The medium) and a person in spirit (The communicator)

Mediumship is used by those in spirit for the following purposes:

To present information, which may or may not be verifiable

To cause certain types of paranormal activities to occur

To channel forth certain types of energies

To manifest themselves materially

Mediumship involves the cooperation between at least two individuals:
An earth- plane channel or medium.

Mental Mediumship
Mental Mediumship involves the relating of information,through communication, via the varied aspects of thought transference, or mental telepathy. Mental telepathy is the relaying of infomation via thought, without using any
of the five physical senses. Mental mediumship takes place within the consciousness of the medium. The results are expressed verbally and must pass through the medium's mouth. Because of its telapathic nature, mental mediumship is sometimes referred to as telepathic mediumship.

In a demonstration of mental mediumship, it is the medium who hears,sees,and feels what the spirit communicators are relating. Furthemore, it is the medium's function to relate the information, with minimum personal influence and prejudice, to the recipient of the message, also known as the sitter.

Physical Mediumship
Physical Mediumship involves the manipulation and transformation of physical energies.The spirit operators, in this case, are causing something to happen upon the earth plane. What it is that happens varies within the style of mediumship involved but the results can be seen and heard by others.

In my work I use mental mediumship to relay information to the recipient

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