HOW I GOT STARTED

You often read books about mediums who from a young age had many spiritual experiences, I certainly did. Doris Stokes, Stephen O'Brien to name but a few were my favorites. I never ceased to be amazed at the phenomina these mediums experienced. After about 6 years as a healer, my church, Kettering Spiritualist Chuch, decided to run a development circle for beginners. This is where it all began for me, as before this I had no prior experience of clairvoyance ability. In some ways I have to say either I had a gift that was lying dormant waiting to be opened, or anyone can become a medium. The first year of my development was very slow, I couldn't work out why everyone else seemed to be getting messages, and I wasn't. So one week I decided to make a message up in the circle. Well this message turned out to be spot on. So my mediumship was born. I soon realised that there was no voice to be heard in my ear from spirit, it was in my mind, my imagination was the doorway to spirit. The simplest way I can describe this is every thought originates from somewhere, so spirit will put these thoughts in your mind.

So here I am. Suddenly I have found a way to link to the other side. My next step was to go out with my circle teacher to spiritualist churches to give demonstrations of mediumship. As a novice I started to give better messages than my circle leader. So the phone started to ring from different churches throughout the county all wanting to book this new kid on the block. I can tell you in the early days my knees shook many a time. Now I am a lot more confident, and totally trust in spirit and my guide John. I am very grateful to my two guides, Blue Star who helped me in my early days, and now John who has taken over his role. I realise that they are working spirit side and keeping check on all who communicate. I am a Clairsensative I guess. My goal is to get the message out there loud and clear that life is everlasting. I am quite lucky with my mediumship as I often get some stunning communications, especially from young people who have died tragically. They seem to choose to communicate through me as they know I will do my best. Often this gives great comfort to the sitter that their loved one continues to live on in the spirit world.

I have become a very busy medium, giving private readings in my shop, and also going out giving public demonstrations. One thing I can say about my work as a medium and healer is that there is never a dull moment.
I love to heal and prove life after death.